Leadership Team Testimonials

Karen Westman:


Jeffrey Taylor says...You interview with multiple different companies before committing to one. Then, you meet Karen Westman and you are sold. I remember that day clearly. I was excited that I had found my match. Karen is a perfect representation of everything our company stands for and everything I wanted to be a part of. Inevitable sense of community, and an overwhelming comfort of "home". Without her, I would not have gotten to where I am today. She is my friend, confidant, mentor and cheerleader and we all take pride in knowing she is there for us every step of the way, day or night, work or personal. I am beyond proud to call Karen my manager, and I wouldn't want it any other way!


Mary Stapleton says... AMAZING...I feel so blessed to have Karen Westman as my manager.  She is always looking out for you and willing to help anytime.  I have had other managers, but never anyone as supportive, dedicated, and one with such a big heart!!!


Jean Rickert says...Always Reachable, Available all the time...Goes ABOVE & BEYOND. Jean also says Karen is knowledgeable, answers any questions and if she does not know will pursue an answer for the Agent very quickly!


Jo-Ann White:


Joan Taub says... Incredible vast knowledge of real estate and the market. She is pragmatic and she knows how to get the job done properly and ethically!

Trains from outside to within and back again...covers everything...thorough. Jo-Ann is fair to all. The "GO TO" and she always backs her Agents.


Terry McCormack-DeBrule says... Jo-Ann has over three decades of experience, managing agents. Nothing gives her more satisfaction than seeing her people succeed and their hard work pay off. Jo-Ann is hands on and generous with her knowledge and experience. She does whatever it takes to make sure her team has the necessary tools to best serve their clients. She has fostered a spirit of camaraderie in the office that serves to strengthen the entire sales team. She understands the demands and stress of building a new business and offers encouragement and support to her agents.


Anne Bishop says... JoAnn White is a motivator, a troubleshooter and makes herself available when called upon. I can walk into her office frustrated and overwrought and walk out feeling encouraged and optimistic.Not an easy task with the daily ups and downs in real estate. I appreciate her knowledge and commitment to our success as an office and each of us, individually!


Charlie Colehamer


Leon Levy says Charlie  has time and time again expressed sound, solid and expert judgement in providing me counsel in all facets of my real estate transactions. This business is definitely of time sensitive nature and Charlie is always available.  He definitely not only a 9-to-5 manager


Richard Ferro:


Jim Conroy says...Richard Ferro is the consummate professional real estate manager. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy and competent in all things dealing with real estate. He is also helpful, encouraging and willing to go the extra mile for everyone who works with him. He leads by example and works diligently to help everyone around him excell.


Karen Zalewsi-Wildzunas says...I consider Richard Ferro one of the greatest leadersI have ever worked with. He possesses a clear vision he iscourageous, has integrity, a clear vision and is honest.  He also is a strategic planner that believes in andfosters teamwork .


Kyle Schoonmaker says...Richard Ferro...In a world that is filled with mediocrity, there are some that expect more of others…and might I even say demand more of others.  And by their expectations they have a positive influence on others to “up” their game, to be better, which results in having the best real estate agents in the market!

He is dedicated to his staff like no other broker I have seen.  It is not uncommon that areal estate agent might have experienced an unhappy client in the past…one who has been verbally degrading or inaccurately vicious.  Not intimidated easily, Richard will uphold the honor of his staff through well written letters of support, going above and beyond to maintain the credibility of his staff.  This dedication and loyalty to his staff in turn has a positive effect on the whole office.

Richard’s unyielding support for his agents results in continued growth of our organization.  It is a pleasure to work for someone who represents the CORE values and integrity of Berkshire Hathaway Blake Realtors, whom you know is honest, whom you trust, who won’t bend the rules for his own good, and whom insists on doing things the right way.  ~Kyle J. Schoonmaker


Stephanie Cuva:


Penney Normand says...It’s very difficult to fit all the amazing reasons Stephanie Cuva is a beloved manager at BHHS Blake Realtors in just a few lines! Stephanie has given 110% of herself to build the Relocation department to the success it is today, all while managing and advising a successful team of home agents, customer service department as well as heading up various company functions and charity events!! Steph manages to do all of this with compassion as she has such a big heart and exhibits such integrity in all her endeavors. Steph is a consummate professional and I am proud to call her my boss and a friend!


Sherrill Farry says... I have been a member of the sales teamat the Home Office working with Stephanie Cuva as my manager for the last three plus years.  She has been available 24/7 for any assistance I might need with clients, questions I might have or just a few minutes to "talk".  She has made my return to real estate a pleasant experience.


Sandra Nardoci says...Loves Stephanie because she is responsive, she gives you all the tools you need to be successful. She is open to ideas and allowing those ideas to be shared with her team and she always lets you do your job. She is always there for you and I can truly say one of the BEST managers I have ever had and I am grateful to be on her team!


Brian McKenna:


Sheri Pennartz says...I am working in my current real estate organization at Berkshire Hathaway Blake with Brian McKenna as the Office manager for over 12 years now. During this time his leadership enabled me to service my clients with outstanding real estate services. He fosters a culture of trust and collaboration, inspires the team to deliver results and challenges towards progressive thinking.  He always listens when I need to vent or tell one of my crazy stories related to Real Estate. I think he makes a terrific manager!


Dee Rowan says...Brian McKenna provides every opportunity for new agents and experienced agents to succeed in the real estate business.  Extra instruction is available for agents to gain knowledge from experienced agents.  Also, one on one coaching is provided by wonderful, patient instructors.We enjoy an easy friendly office environment.  It is very apparent that Brian wants everyone to succeed.  He is there for new and experienced alike. I appreciate all the support that he offers.  We are very fortunate in Clifton Park to have Brian as manager.


Kay-Deen Byrd says...Leaders are only great leaders not because of their power but their ability to empower others. Brian Mckenna has done that exactly. The level of dedication and positive energy that he brings to the office on a daily basis is incredible. I became a licensed real estate agent in February of this year and Brian has been an awesome mentor, coach, great leader and an amazing friend. Brian has implemented interactive training courses for newer agents within the office along with Power Wednesdays to give us more motivation and education that's needed for us to be successful in this business.  I yet to meet someone that genuinely cares about each and every agent as Brian does. He pushes me developmentally and gives feedback when it's appropriate in order to help with our growth and development. Thank you so much Brian for everything that you've done for me and everyone in the office. You are truly an amazing leader.


Scott Newell:


Marlene Connolly says...Scott and I started together in Real estate 29 years ago. Scott is a good teacher that shares a huge amount of success with his Associates. He is very creative, has a great educational background and lots of life experiences. Scott will do anything to help his team to be successful and he always keep his people motivated.


Chris (Chino) Branch says...I've known Ryan for roughly ten years, and through that time I've never known a person who's ambition and drive outmatch my own, when I was directionless to what my next chapter in life would detail Ryan was one of the main influential reasons I started my career in real estate. Countless hours of helping me and providing knowledge to me and passing along every amazing piece of info to me and asking nothing in return, only wanting to see me grow and become the agent I am today. Ryan is the best mentor someone could ever have. Every piece of success he has received was due to his tireless, and hard working attitude. With the Nisky office in Ryan's hands I believe the sky is the limit.


Donna Riccitello says...Ryan may be new to the position of manager but he has taken to it like a pro. He is attentive to agents needs, offers his help for anything we may need. He has brought new and innovated ideas and materials into the office. I look forward to working with him for a long time.


John Cyr says...I think Ryan is very supportive of all the agents in the office.  Always has time for everyone , regardless of workload.  Has maintained a very simple approach to achieving office sales goals with agents.  Very hands on, great to work with!


Support Staff Testimonials


Maria Washburn as told by Scott Newell Queensbury MGR

Maria is the person that makes this a family, she is aware of us, our needs, our families and it’s individual. It’s not a technique or structure or training – it’s just who she is, she showed up with it.  I have never seen anyone do this better, anywhere.

Maria Washburn/Queensbury as told by Agent Pam York/QUEENSBURY

The Significance of Refinement

It is not possible to overestimate the importance of the quality and attentiveness of our office administrator. Assuring that all the details of official real estate paperwork, associated with contracts and advertising is properly achieved, recorded, and filed for future reference, is essential for the smooth and stress free consummation of business. Delivering this level of professionalism with eagerness, warmth, and joyousness is certainly a rare blessing to be is greatly appreciated; and we do.


Kristen Hall/Saratoga as told by Jo-Ann White Manager

For almost twenty years, Kristen Hall has gone above and beyond in supporting the efforts of the sales team in the Saratoga office of BHHS Blake , Realtors. Her work ethic, patience and positive attitude are unparalleled!

Kristen Hall/SARATOGA as told by Agent Joan Taub/SARATOGA

Kristen is PERFECTION. Kristen treats everyone’s success like it’s her own. She wants all the Saratoga Agents to do well and she has skin in the game just like they do. She is everyone’s cheerleader, supporter. She is the grease to our wheels. Keeping us altogether and in motion. She DOES IT ALL. We would not be able to do it without her! Re Kristen.....she's truly the thread who keeps the office together.....she's been woven into every aspect of it.....

Everyone in support staff is good and kind @bhhsblake.

Kristen Hall/SARATOGA as told by Agent Barbara VanBuren/SARATOGA

Having Kristen Hall as an admin is like having your own personal assistant.  She embodies everything that the word "support" means... when I e-mail her any request, the reply back is always a prompt "DONE".  She allows us to be efficient and mobile and has all of our backs every single day.

Kristen Hall/ SARATOGA as told by Agent Anny O’Neill/SARATOGA

First of all, our administrative staff pretty much run the company! Our office could not function without Kristen.  She is truly amazing.  She just keeps on chugging and pushing through her work load without a complaint.  She's always there for us and the most dependable person I know.  She even goes to events when no one else commits to going.  She always has the BHHS team in the forefront of her thinking process.  She is a friend and treasured work associate and very special.


Jaime Brundige & Marj Hyland as told by Brian McKenna CP MGR

Just like a house that is built upon its foundation, our Clifton Park team is built upon the strong base of support provided by Marj and Jaime.  Together they anchor our office with consistent and constructive service; ensuring each agent and client the very best environment for their transactions.

Jaime Brundige & Marj Hyland as told by Agent Ana Marie Galeano/Clifton Park

As promised, I am writing to pay homage to Marj and Jaime.  They think for me and many steps ahead of me.  I could not do this job without them.  They answer questions before I ask them.  If they don't know the answer, they find it.  And, they do all of the foregoing with a smile and a positive attitude that I don't witness very often anymore.

Lisa Roth IT & Training as told by Brian McKenna

Lisa Roth personifies what's good about Millennials and real estate.  She understands technology but values relationships. She drives herself hard but is patient with others. She seeks success and abundance but never at the cost of quality, balance or family.  Best of all, Lisa Roth remains humble and coachable despite accolades and awards.


Flo Reddy & Nanette Stannard as told by Charles Colehamer

I am so grateful that I have Flo for her support as my assistant. Flo is very quick to drop whatever she is doing to provide an assist to me or any of our agents. The agents know that they can count on Flo to do whatever they need in a moment’s notice. Flo makes us all look good.

Nanette is always available to help us shine. Nanette is the virtual assistant to all the agents they know they can count on Nanette to do whatever they need.  Nanette is very quick to respond and to take immediate action as needed. Nanette is very patient and always very eager to help.


Beth Nutting as told by Ryan Clark Niskayuna Manager

Support staff is vital in an agents success because they can help with all the "busy" work while your on the road. Whether its pulling tax info, uploading documents to taking photos and everything in between Beth is there to help make our agents jobs/lives easier.


Liz Coleman & Karen Sheffer Greenbush/Kinderhook as told by Karen Westman Mgr of both Offices

Liz and Karen continually look for new ways to lend support, train agents on BHHS systems or make office improvements - they keep the office running smoothly!!! They are "The Wizards Behind the Company"

Liz Coleman/Greenbush as told by Agent Judy Rancourt

Liz always makes time for me, when I ask for her help.  She has often stopped what she is doing to help me immediately.  She also is great as a resource for all things BHHS.  She has taught me how to do ecards and flyers, and is patient when I forget the steps! 


Sharon Visconte/Commercial as told by Richard Ferro Commercial Mgr

Sharon Visconte does a superb job as the Admin for BHHS Blake Commercial.  Besides entering listings in two different MLS systems and producing flyers for our agents, she has responsibility to enter the same listings in three separate national commercial real estate websites that are not fed by the local MLS.  With all this extra work, her attitude never waivers from a constant smile and encouraging word.  She is a pleasure to work with.


Penney Normand as told by Stephanie Cuva Relocation MGR

I don’t know what I would do without Penney at my side.   She is the foundation of our office.  Every task is handled efficiently and with a smile.  She is just a pure joy to work with.


Erin Hart as told by Stephanie Cuva

Erin is the veteran of our Customer Care Department.  She always goes the extra mile for the customer and the company.

Janet Landis as told by Stephanie Cuva

Janet is the smile on the other end of the phone when I customer calls in.

Customer Care Dept. as told by Ryan Clark/NISKAYUNA Mgr

From not having a support staff to having an office and corporate admins means the world of difference. As agents we are often on the road, so it’s a great benefit to have admins we can call on and get emails sent, info on new listings you drive by, and or help with any pending files…the list goes on and on. I have used their services countless times while out on the road.  Our weekend Call center works wonders as well, I can't even begin to tell you how many calls I received from customer service over the weekend with someone interested in one of my listings.

Customer Care Dept. as told by Agent Fran Callahan

Our customer care department sets us apart! They are here for the Agents support and make calls, follow up…they are added assistance to the Agent, This is INVALUABLE!

Our Admins are always there for the Agents, they think out of the box. You never have to ask they just are always there to assist, it is never a bother.


Accounting Dept as told by Greg Kerlin

It has been my distinct pleasure and honor to work with the great ladies in accounting for almost 25 years.Prior to Joining Blake Realty I was the CFO of one of the largest Real Estate Companies in the United States.

I’ve had the honor of working with some very impressive people. The group here is hands down every bit as great as any group that I have worked with

Their dedication to the job is exhibited each and every day.    In all these years - thru blizzards, computer crashes, illness… you name it.   Never once have the checks been late.  Not once.   I remember one night sitting there with Theresa at 10pm hand typing agent checks during a power failure when our system was down.

Whatever it takes - the job always gets done, gets done right, and gets done on time.

No matter what the obstacle before us - I know that the ladies of accounting will never let the people of BHHS down.   They never have. They are unsung heros and they make me proud each and every day.

Support Team as told by Agent James Conroy

The support staff at BHHS Blake, Realtors is OUTSTANDING. Over the duration I have been here there has always been qualified, conscientious and very capable individuals that help with everything. From our listing packets, to marketing, to closing materials. The support staff is the tie on the bow, sealing the deal with everything handled in timely, organized manners.

Nellie Seguin as told by Joseph Sullivan

Nellie Seguin, our firm's executive administrator is a truly amazing person. She has a multitude of responsibilities company-wide and performs all of them to a 'T'; AND on schedule. She is often handed additional tasks and asked to perform them on short notice and is able to complete them within a very short time frame. With all of these job functions, Nellie maintains a friendly, positive attitude and is a pleasure to work with. She is a multi-tasking marvel. What an amazing asset she is to BHHS Blake, REALTORS!!!

Testimonials from Associates About Our Company


Fran Callahan of our Clifton Park Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, REALTORS says…

“At BHHS Blake we are family. We look out for each other and have each other’s back! I love the owners, Jeff & Jay Christiana, they are accessible and are committed to everyone that works here. We have tools, services, and resources that no one else offers. We have a great customer service department specifically dedicated to our clients.

I truly believe that each and every Agent that is a part of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, Realtors has the same sense of high standards when dealing with all our clients. They work hard to ensure a smooth and seamless purchase or sale because they care.

We are all about clients, community, and everything we do we put our heart into!”


Marlene Connolly of our Queensbury Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, REALTORS says…

“First and foremost one of the main reasons I am here at BHHS Blake is the RESPECT that I have for Management and the Owners Jay & Jeff Christiana. They are fair, they SUPPORT me and encourage each of us to always do our best! They are accessible at every level from my Manager, to the Owners, to our Admin always willing to help out when needed. I love the many resources and tools available to be successful and to help our clients. There is so much they offer and I wouldn’t change a thing and this is my 29th year in this business and this is HOME TO ME ALWAYS”!


Leon Levy from our Delmar Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, REALTORS says…

“Here’s my why I remain an Agent at BHHS Blake: I have been in the business for 15 years. The nurturing and support I received from these Broker/Owners Jeff & Jason Christiana has been phenomenal. The support from every department in the Company from Relocation, Administration, our Office Admn, our Management Team and everyone in between helps me to be the BEST REALTOR I can be for my clients!

I love the brand, it is STRONG, it’s TRUSTED, it’s RESPECTED! The Owners are well entrenched in the Community as a 4th Generation family owned real estate business. The roots are deep in our Community and that is what we are all about…people and relationships!

I also have to say that the tools, resources, training and technology is exceptional and helps me market for my clients to get homes sold and purchased! I truly believe you are as good as the brand that backs you and I certainly feel they are the BEST! They continue to keep my name out there and on the MAP so I can be my best always. I have been offered other opportunities and for me it is not about money, it is about how much they invested in me as a person and REALTOR and now it’s my time to give back”!


Pam Marinello from our Clifton Park Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, REALTORS Office says…

“After 30 years in the business I would not be anywhere ELSE! I am here because of the family atmosphere that starts with Jason Christiana and everyone else that is a part of this Company. Jay and his father Jeff Christiana are a family built on being ethical and fair to everyone they do business with and are the kindest and amazingly different because they truly care about each and every one of their Associates. It is not about the bottom line, it is about people! It shows by what they do in the Community and the relationships they build and nurture all around them”!


Sandra Nardoci of our Home Office at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, REALTORS says…

The Christiana’s are the one and ONLY Broker I’ve have the privilege to work with throughout my entire Real Estate career. After almost 26 years of working together they are family to me! I’m honored to be affiliated with such a compassionate, generous, and community spirited family. They lead by example, are honest, client driven, dedicated to providing exceptional service to both their clients and agents. The Christiana’s have a long, exemplary track record in the industry, they are extremely progressive, offer superlative agent training, and retain the cream of the crop associates, which is a testimonial to their superior leadership skills. If I had to do it over again, I would definitely choose Christiana’s as my Broker of choice!


Kyle Schoonmaker of our Commercial Division & Delmar Office at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, REALTORS says…

“The reason I choose to hang my hat at BHHS Blake is the supportive management and the resources available to me as an Agent.  The atmosphere from the top down from Broker/Owner to Manager to Administrative staff is always willing to lend a helping hand.

The numerous office locations is a huge plus since as Agents we are always out and about working with Commercial and Residential Clients. No matter where I am I can stop in to use our many office locations in and around the Capital Region.

At BHHS Blake I am motivated to do well for myself and for the Company! We are family and family is always loyal and supportive and has your back. Whether it’s a difficult transaction or just some questions needing to be answered, the BHHS Blake Team is ready, willing, and able!

I have found everything I need here and MORE to assist me in all my real estate endeavors”!


Joan Taub of our Saratoga Springs Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, REALTORS says…

“INTEGRITY comes first and foremost to my mind when it comes to this Company. In my office Jo-Ann White is very pragmatic and leads with a definite direction and VISION. We are not flashy, nor are we the kind of Company that is smoke and mirrors. We are professional and there is always consistency in everything we do. We are Fulltime, all the time REALTORS!

Whether you are new or experienced, we all blend together and mesh well with one another. Everyone goes out of their way to HELP one another. It is not every person for themselves, we all are here to be the best we can be for our clients and Company!”


Barbara VanBuren of our Saratoga Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, Realtors Office says…

“I choose to work, and stay, at BHHS because it is like home to me.... safe, comfortable, supportive, just like family.  I know my colleagues, my manager, the owner of my company have my back.  This gives me the confidence and the tools to thrive at my job and be the best REALTOR that I can be”!


Helen Danciu of the Delmar Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, Realtors Office says…

“Thank you for the opportunity to share my "why".  I tried to put it into words as best as I can- I do cherish the company and feel that without a doubt I made the correct choice in coming here.  

Initially I chose Berkshire Hathaway because it is a firm that is well-known for professionalism and dignity.  That was what brought me in the door.  But when I met the staff, I knew this was a company that offered so much more than its brand.  The people who work here are real, down-to-earth, and friendly, as well as extremely knowledgeable and experienced.  Every day I feel welcomed, engaged, and supported. Mostly, it is apparent to me that at Berkshire Hathaway, everyone really loves real estate!  We enjoy selling homes and believe in the humanity that drives home sales.  I am proud to "hang my hat" at Berkshire Hathaway and look forward to growing professionally with this amazing company”!

Marilyn Gibbons of our Delmar Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, Realtors Office says…

I started at Berkshire Hathaway, Blake Realtors December, 2015. I chose Berkshire Hathaway, Blake Realtors because of the marketing available to an agent within Berkshire Hathaway’s systems. They honestly have some of the best marketing tools available to an agent.  The CMA software, to the marketing on-line tools and of course the management of the company being locally owned but nationally recognized was important to me. In addition, they offer Complete HomeServices which is a division that acts as a resource to agents to find contractors, painters, roofers, etc. This was huge as they are credentialed and checked so I can rely on this service to give my client a great referral source for their needs. I no longer have to send out emails asking for sources from other agents and then check them our to make sure they are insured or reputable.  I make one call and I am done.

I wanted to work for a firm that gives back to their community and stands behind their real estate agents.  Berkshire Hathaway, Blake Realtors gives back to our community with sponsorship and participating in charity events. The support of management for an agent is tremendous.  I have had the opportunity to work with many different people within the company and every single person is driven to help you succeed here. They will always go above and beyond to help you with what you need.  I can honestly say I am and continue to be impressed and pleased with the direction of this company. It truly is a wonderful place to work.  The culture of this organization is one of the best I have found in Real Estate.  Real Estate is not an easy job but it sure is more enjoyable when you work for a company and with people that help you succeed.

Check us out-Delmar office rules!!!! I chose Delmar even though it is a 30-40 minute drive from my house because of the management within my office.


Ryan Clark of the Niskayuna Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, Realtors says…

Ohhh boy where to begin…So my story is a little unique, I came from a small brokerage and had little to no training. Prior to real estate I knew Jeff through the martial arts community, but for some reason never decided to work for him (shame on me). Fast forward a few years later, my current broker wasnt holding up his end of the bargain so I decided to test my feet in the open market. Literally within 5 seconds of sitting down with Jeff ,and Brian Mckenna I knew this is where I wanted to be. Honestly, they didnt even have to tell me about their great training program, the resource center, Agent marketing, or any of the other tools that they offered. For me it was all about the feel, I knew Iwasn’t going to be just an agent, but rather part of something greater, part of a family so to speak.

I think that is it in a nutshell, more or less BHHS Blake is the best and I'm extremely blessed to be part of this great organization …Ryan


James Conroy of our Commercial Division at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, Realtors says…

First and foremost the INTEGRITY of the whole process and the people we deal with at BHHS Blake, Realtors. That characteristic comes from the highest points in the Organization and is maintained throughout every Division and person that works here. Great examples of this integrity are Richard Ferro, Jeff Christiana, Jay Christiana, and Joe Sullivan just to name a few…although as I stated it carries throughout all of BHHS Blake!

The York Team/ Queensbury

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Blake, Realtors’ exceptionaland foundational advantages, for both Buyers and Sellers, begins with the feeling of confidence and caring accelerated by the advertising in all media markets, that reach potential clients of all ages, and needs.

The content richness and ease of accessibility to marketing materials, and internet staging for property searches and community information, give an in depth value presentation, to those seeking clarity making informed decisions about the biggest and most personal investment of their lives.

 The customer service folks make all callers feel immediately at home with the kindness and prompt attention to their inquiry; as they are directed to the best expert to serve their questions about a purchase, a sale, or other home-related vendors.

 A high level of in person and on – the - web education, plus the exciting level of inspiration from our company leaders, and our fellow team members, gives us each personally the drive and guidance, to give top level commitment and service to our clients, our communities, and our families.

Emily Thomas/Saratoga

Simply a wonderful family to work for. There is no other place to sell real estate than Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Blake Realtors.