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Jil Denn Complete Home Services
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From Our Clients:

June 2nd, 2016

We sold Pastor Paul his personal residence 3 years ago and he has been doing a lot of work on it. I told him about Jil and he asked if he could speak to her to line up some professionals to do work at his home. Value  is really important to him. Jil called him and got him all set up with who he needed.

He just called me to say what a fine job everyone Jil recommended has been doing. He told me having the service available is incredible and Jil herself is one incredible woman. He loved talking to you Jil and said you are his kind of gal, right on top of things.


March 30, 2016

Derek with Daigle Cleaning was very professional. Good communication. Was able to fit us in and met our needs. We didn’t personally get to see his work but the realtor did and stated it was cleaned well and the buyers didn’t have anything negative to say during their walk through.


We went with Peter Hughes (PCH HOME INSPECTION). Inspection was yesterday. He was thorough and excellent; I strongly recommend him! Thanks for sending him our way.

Paul from Immanuel Electric was really really great with the electrical upgrade. super friendly team and clean job.

Client of Latasha Bosh (I.S.)

Wow Lance.  That is really amazing!!  I can’t believe you were able to
accomplish all of that in a single day!
Absolutely great job!  Hope you gave Jim some of your cards.  I will be
sure to recommend you to any of my friends who need assistance.
Thanks so very much.


Tell Jil I said thank you so much.  Hansen’s showed up and they took 5% when he asked who referred and I said Jil than he said which one and he figured out which Jil and said I’m taking 5% off the bill.  Thank you too Donna.  My realtor said she is going to referred Hansen’s.  My realtor said they gave me a darn good price.


I am a client with a high radon reading and asked Jil for her help around 4:45 on a Friday afternoon.  She had names and numbers to call in less than 5 minutes. I called them right away and the response was immediate!  Not only did he have quotes, but they actually installed the remediation system first thing Saturday morning (the very next day) with Jil’s assistance it was like magic!

hands  holding  modern tablet PC

Dan C.

Thanks for referring Paul Casella of Immanuel Electric. He did a wonderful job and charged a reasonable price. He really takes pride in his company. I’m very grateful for the perfect referral. You have never let me down!

Mary L.

Yes, I used John Giarusso and he has been great.  He was not the least expensive, but he has done great work and his employees are great guys.  I’m happy with the work.  Thanks for setting me up with him!

Convenient locations throughout the capital region and north country.  Our Realtors® are Good to Know™.

Convenient locations throughout the capital region and north country.  Our Realtors® are Good to Know.

From Our Service Providers:

I was on an inspection today and the listing agent was from Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and said she used you to find a glass company and she said she was thrilled with the service and you.  Just FYI!

Spec Pro- Ian Robertson

From Our Managers/Agents:

June 8, 2016

I’m writing in praise of Jil Denn and Complete Home Services.  CHS has been an amazingly effective adjunct and blessing to my business, and virtually a godsend to my clients.  It sets BHHS apart and above other brokerages, and reflects upon us accordingly.  This, of course, could not be the success that it is, without Jil at the helm.  I haunt her, almost daily, on behalf of my clients.  She is always immediately responsive, happily helpful, courteous and consummately professional. Jil never disparages or gainsays a request, because it’s unusual or challenging.  When I requested a recommendation for an antiques appraiser, Jil cheerfully responded that while we didn’t currently have one on our list, she would look into it and get back to me.  She did so, immediately.  I also appreciate and respect Jil’s diligence in following up.  She consistently confirms the quality of our CHS providers service, and the feedback from my clients and me, following performance of that service.  Jil is ever a pleasure to work with, a true asset to the company and a great ambassador for BHHS, Blake Realtors.  I am fortunate and grateful to know that I can always count on her.

Kindest Regards,

Dolly Harris from our Delmar Office

June 7th, 2016

Saratoga Chimney was the best!  The guys were so professional and careful with our belongings around the fireplace where they were working.  They took the time to explain what they were doing, and why.  They even told us how to build the best fires to avoid tar build up.  Recommended them to three neighbors before they even left my house!

Terry McCormack DeBrule from our Saratoga Office


June 3rd, 2016


Just wanted to thank you again for recommending Joe Karner/Karner Mechanical. He was very quick to set the appointment which I very much appreciated since we were anxious to keep the buying process moving. Met Joe this morning at the property and he was informative and took the time to explain what he looks for and why. He spoke highly of the BHHS program and the business it has generated for him.

Bob Conway from our Delmar Office

April 25th, 2016


I just have to tell you how much I absolutely love having Jil as a resource. I mentioned one of my clients needing an antique book dealer and we do not have one on our list. Jil says to me over email “stay tuned,” and within a day she found a resource.

She is “Awesome” to use Jil’s favorite phrase. I love Complete Home Services and what Jil does for all of us. We are so fortunate.

Marilyn Gibbons from our Delmar Office

John Giarusso – Handyman

Professional, Responsive, Courteous, Timely and very good work.  Reasonably priced.  Provided written, professionally appearing estimate.  Almost no direction needed in order to do work.

 Stephanie Cuva (Director of Relocation)

Erin from Northeast Pest Control was awesome! He located the problem right away, had an army of ants marching right into the poisonous picnic in no time. I would highly recommend him.


Jo-Ann White- Manager Saratoga Office

Hi Jil,

I wanted to thank you for the recommendation of John Giarrusso Jr. for some plumbing work that I needed.  He and his people were personable and very capable – especially in light of a troublesome issue they encountered during the project.  John and Jim remained steadfast the whole time, assuring me that they were going to get the issue resolved one way or another – and they did.  As frustrating as it was, they never altered their upbeat attitude.

I look forward to using John and his crew for a remodel of part of our basement!

Thank you again for the recommendation.

Warm regards,

Richard H. Ferro, CCIM

Jason M Enterprises has done a great job in my rental unit.  He replaced and repainted two ceilings which was a five visit operation and he completed it within 5 days.  He started work on the day that was convenient for both of us.  He cleaned up after himself, which is something that a lot of contractors don’t do well.  My tenants were very happy with the work and were hardly inconvenienced.

Erin Hart Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Blake REALTORS®


Our approved CHS Vendors

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sending Jim (Giarrusso Contracting), the plumber, to fix my leaking bathroom fixture. I really appreciate you handling things in such a timely manner, especially around the holidays!

Jim was wonderful. Very considerate of my home & schedule and very knowledgeable in his work.  I will definitely call him again for future plumbing needs and I am happy to refer your services anytime.

Sharon Visconte BHHS/Blake Agent and Administrator


WOW! That’s the word that comes to mind each & every time you’ve helped me with contractors for clients of mine.  I can pass the name along and not worry “How do I know this contractor is good.  I don’t know them”.  You’ve taken over that concern.  And let me tell you each & every one have been responsive & professional which trickles down to the agent & making us SHINE.  That’s what you’ve done and it’s such a relief to have you there.  One of the toughest aspects of our job is getting a responsive & professional contractor to take care of whatever needs to be done … and quickly. Wow!!!  You’re amazing and I’m so thankful for you!!

Have a GREAT Day, Jil.

Laurie M. Colehamer/Delmar Office


Ok this one is worth GOLD-  this was the morning of the closing and a vendor pulled through for us…Terry arrived within 30 minutes, installed a $12 new cap, the owner’s nephew paid him and the problem was resolved. The buyers advised him they will be hiring him in the future, to install a sump pump The closing took place. He absolutely saved the day.

thanks Jil, for your super efforts, you know how much I appreciate all you do,

Joanie Kraft/Relo/ADMN


It worked out great with Terry/J Ellrott  he came at like 8 o’clock in the evening last night after a long day and it only had to have the pilot light lit.He could have tried to sell us new hot water tank
And Gave us break on service call pricing 

Melissa Hems/Delmar Office


Jil:  Yes, he (Terry from J Ellrott) was right on time at 8 AM.  Very nice person.

Dee Rowan/ Clifton Park Office


I wanted to follow up with you on my earlier request for seal coating companies.  Phil Trifaro and his staff @ Smith’s Paving and Seal Coating of Latham were fantastic!  Everything worked out well with them and I will not hesitate to refer them in the future.

Timothy Hallenbeck/Niskayuna Office


Maybe we should call her and the department the “Miracle Worker”.   Thanks so much for bringing her on board…I really think this is a great tool for all of us to be able to access!

Sharon- Clifton Park Office


Thank you so much for adding this service. It’s a great resource. Makes it super  easy for the agent to be the client’s “go to” person for all their repair and maintenance needs . This is the second time I’ve used it. Both times Jil gave a very timely response.

Lorraine – Clifton Park Office


I just wanted to let you know that this service has already been very helpful to me. I have asked Jil for assistance with a couple of seller needs. Her response was very fast and met the need precisely. The clients are very, very happy with the service and the response. I couldn’t ask for anything better!

Ed B Saratoga Springs Office


So it turns out I needed Jil’s contacts for my own personal problem. Our hot water heater failed this past Labor day weekend, on Fri. 9/4 while we were at a concert, never knew it until Sat. 9/5, and our basement was completely flooded, carpeting, furniture etc. So I messaged Jil, she responded immediately and put me in touch with Mike O’Brien, Heating and Plumbing, and they called right back. They were willing to come out that weekend, but in the end we decided to wait until Tues. ( lower cost) showered at camp, and the gym, and on Tues morn. 7:30am, they called, came right over and began the process. Mike’s plumber Manny, was a sweetie, kind, patient and very professional. New hot water installed in one day, and they remove the old one. I don’t’ know if I would get anybody to respond that quick on my own, so thanks to Jil and the Complete Home Services, this worked out. My own personal review!

Pamela Clifton Park Office


Hi There,  I’m writing to let you know that my husband and I think this guy just may be the very best contractor we’ve come across in a long, long time.  He left my house at 8:30 pm with his 2nd load of concrete!  His attitude, pricing and performance have been exemplary.  Thanks for the referral.

Jo Ann Saratoga Springs Office


About the CHS Service at BHHS/Blake, Realtors from various sources… Agents, Clients, Vendors

I just want to tell you how we all appreciate you!!!  We applaud all that you do for us!!   You are such a shining star , a real delight to work with!! I am soooo happy that you are on our team!! What a service you provide to all of us. Its amazing what you do !!!

All the best,

R. Charles Colehamer  Broker / Manager


Thank you! You’re doing such a great job.

Tina Stehlin/Clifton Park Office


January 26 at 8:16am

Thanks Jil! I think BHHS is lucky to have you! You are an amazing asset! I personally enjoy your enthusiasm and kindness. Have a terrific week!

Karen Blackstone BHHS/Blake Agent

Our #GoodtoKnow Vendors

Our #GoodtoKnow Vendors