Sales Convention 2020 will take place in Nashville, TN March 8th - 10th, 2019 just before our 2020 awards ceremony (Date/Time to be announced).

Convention Keynote Speaker Phil Hansen featured above.  Follow Phil on Instagram @philinthecircle

Convention Keynote Speaker Phil Hansen featured above. Follow Phil on Instagram @philinthecircle

Art that Inspires: TED Talk Phenomenon Phil Hansen Announced as Sales Convention Keynote Speaker

Phil Hansen is a world-renowned artist embracing new ways to create. He’s been featured on the Discovery ChannelGood Morning America, the Rachael Ray ShowLast Call with Carson Daly and more. Famously, in February 2013 he took to the TED Talks stage, where he spoke powerfully about creativity and the art of limitations during a 10-minute presentation now viewed by millions.

His words are inspiring, his energy is infectious and this March, he’s bringing his artistic vision and barrier-breaking philosophies to Nashville as a keynote speaker at Sales Convention 2020.

While in art school, Hansen developed a tremor in his hand, which he thought at the time was “doomsday.” He described the tremor on the TED Talks stage as “the destruction of my dream of becoming an artist.” Unable to draw even a single, straight line, Hansen soon left art school and then, abandoned art completely.

“I just quit, I just gave up,” he said.

As three art-less years passed, he realized how much he missed his life’s passion. Hansen decided to visit a doctor and see what—if anything—could be done about his tremor. The neurologist told him two important things that would change the trajectory of Hansen’s career: First, Hansen had permanent nerve damage. The tremor would never go away. Second, embrace the shake.

So, with nothing left to do, he took those three words and turned them into his life’s motto. Hansen soon discovered how to be creative within the boundaries of his tremor. He let his hand shake and welcomed whatever was created on the canvas.

His squiggly line, unconventional art quickly gained popularity. Motivated by this unexpected success, he decided to make art that was even more boundary-pushing. He drew portraits with frozen wine. He tattooed a banana with pushpins. He painted a replica of the Mona Lisa with hamburger grease. Most importantly, he used his limitation not to confine but to define him, a message as applicable to a modern artist as it is to a real estate agent.

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